This is my blog and web site for Digital Storytelling.
My name is Samantha Whay. I’m a Computer Science and Cognitive Science/Linguistics double major at UMW.  I’m co-president of GALL, UMW’s guerrilla art club.
One day I dream of going to graduate school for Computer Science and researching artificial intelligence or computational linguistics (hopefully the former).
I also love animals. I have two cats (two Maine Coon crosses named Cat and Yippy), two “borrowed” dogs (an Australian Shepherd named Abby and a black Lab mutt named Jack), a cockatiel named Pidge (or Pidgeotto, heh heh), a horse named Stella, a common plecostomus (sucker fish) named Nikki, a green spotted puffer fish named Ralph, and two corydora catfish (one albino, one peppered) named Katie and Kyle.

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