Daily Shoot

I don’t have the charger for the battery for my digital camera, so you’re getting photos from my cell phone and stuff that I pull from Facebook. I take more interesting photos with my phone, anyway, because I can carry it with me at all times.

Paper is versatile and malleable. From napkins to origami, it’s all around. Make a photo of something made of paper.
GALL project
For a GALL project, we cut out a bunch of paper leaves, attached them to bent paper clips, and put them on a tree. Gotta love it.

Speed or the sense of speed can add excitement to a photo. Make a
photo of something going fast or that can go fast.
Stella running
This is my horse, Stella, running in the field with the other horses. She’s so pretty 🙂

Pet photos are such a cliche, but they’re also cute. Make an interesting photo of a pet today.
Jack and me
I love this one. It’s one of my dogs and me holding hands.

I love animal photography. First of all, I love animals more than just about anything else in my life. It’s challenging because they’re always moving and they’re not always cooperative. I’ve gotten pretty good with horses and dogs, but my cats are still fussy. I really don’t photograph my birds because they always seem nervous about it. My fish are the biggest challenge, though. They’re usually moving (I have two corydoras and a pleco who chill on the bottom a lot like catfish usually do, and a pufferfish who sleeps on the bottom at night even though he turns completely black and doesn’t look all that pretty), and I have to photograph them through glass. It really helps to know about animal behavior and body language. I’ve spent my entire life learning their lexicon, their syntax, and I’ve honestly gotten really good at it. Plus, I have the two greatest photograph dogs and a barn full of the greatest photograph horses in the word. They’re always doing wacky, fantastic things for me to photograph.
For me, that’s what photography is all about. I love to record things for posterity. Before I came here freshman year, I read something someone wrote about recording everything about your college years. Take photos. Blog. Do whatever, as long as you’re preserving those memories for the future. I take pictures of what I do with GALL, I take pictures of anything interesting I see around me, I take pictures of pretty flowers and trees in spring, I take pictures of funny sayings I see written on chalkboards, I take pictures of my friends and my dorm rooms and just about everything else. I used to keep a thorough blog called “Hold The (Stella)Phone” when I was taking riding classes here at UMW and when I was able to go home more frequently and ride my horse. I also kept a separate blog (and still attempt to update frequently when I’m not blogging for this one) about the amazing experiences I’ve had since I’ve come here. One day, I’ll thank myself.

2 Responses to “Daily Shoot”

  1. Jonas Kjaer says:

    Really like your animal photo. I’m kinda of an animal nut too. Keep it the good work

  2. Sam says:

    Thanks 🙂