Pictures From Flickr

These are just some pictures that I like that I took from Flickr. As you can tell, I really like animals. I love to photograph my dogs and horses especially, but I can never take good pictures of my fish, so I’m really jealous of people who’ve mastered the art of taking pictures of moving animals underwater. I think that’s why I saw so many fish pictures that I liked (more than this, but the post got long enough).


By c080 from Flickr

I really like the background of this one because it’s so glowy and green. The fish is in focus and his outline and spots are very sharp compared to the plants in the background, which are just a blur of colors. I’m also a huge fan of plecos, and I have one named Nikki who looks a lot like this one 🙂

horse in snow

By Ben Kimball from Flickr

I love horses playing in fields and in snow. The horse is a dark bay, but the snow makes him look flecked. He stands out against the snow, and it’s just really fun to see him leaping into the air.

Fall Off Horse

For some reason, this one didn’t want to show up. I just put a link. And I swear I’m not trying to Rick Roll you again.

By New2mac from Flickr

And I also love good pictures of people falling from their horses. No, I’m not a sadist. There’s just something about catching such a brief, unexpected moment and doing it well. I’ve been riding and training horses long enough that I’ve had some pretty epic falls, and seeing photos like this makes me think about that brief moment where your mind is racing to prepare for impact and you feel like you’re defying gravity and just hanging in the air. They actually give me a sort of “hanging” feeling.

This one is also a little different because, if you don’t look closely, you might first think that it’s just a picture of a woman jumping her horse. You have to look a second time to see that she’s bracing her arms against her horse’s arching neck with no contact on the saddle. The swinging stirrup leather and gleaming iron was the first thing that gave it away.

green spotted puffer

By jupalada on Flickr

Green spotted puffer fish are such cute fish, it’s hard not to love their comical faces. They’re also such a pretty, unique color. I love how this one is on a completely black background, which seems to bring out his spots and enhance his color. Awwwwww.

Dog Drinking Drops

For whatever reason, this one didn’t show up either, so there’s a link.

By Norby on Flickr

I love how the dog’s brown spots are almost the same color as the wooden floor. I also like how the water is dripping and the dog is licking it up. His pink tongue is cute 🙂 The drops also divide the picture, and the nails in the floor do the same. They intersect, and I just think it’s really interesting for some reason.

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