The Finished "Lucky Seven" Game!

Here it is, give it a try! Sorry I didn’t do a better job teaching you how to do this yourself. But if you really want to learn, click on the link and view the source yourself. Simply click “View” in your top bar, then go down the menu until you find “View source” or “View page source.” It’ll pop up with some Javascript code. I’m going to try to do a few more posts to help you understand what’s going on in the program, and then maybe I’ll put out a pseudocode version or some sort of step-by-step walkthrough.
Feel free to steal this game and put it on your own sites or do whatever else with it. (If you aren’t keeping your site, you can save it on your computer as an HTML file, then set it as an icon on your desktop. Yay, new games!) I’m not at all partial to the code, and I spent no more than an hour on it myself. Besides, I got the idea from a programming prompt I found online one night when I was bored 🙂

Lucky Seven

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