Girls? What girls? (Lucky Seven Project "Aside" #2, part 1)

Tonight I’m going to a session hosted by PERL (UMW’s all-female computer science club) and the computer science department. I have to leave class a bit early in order to get there on time, so I’m going to blog about it as part of my project. Plus, I think it’s a very relevant issue for beginning programmers to take note of, as well as any other member of the field.
The session is called “Voices of Experience: Talking with Women in Technology.” If you go down to Trinkle’s basement and look into the labs, you’ll probably notice something. I stand out a bit. Why? Do I have three eyes? Do I wear a funny hat? Nope. I just happened to get an X chromosome from each of my parents, and somehow I’ve found myself a minority in my chosen field. So, tonight there are going to be a bunch of women talking about their experiences as computer scientists. It should be fun 🙂
I’m planning to write about what I hear tonight, and maybe I’ll compare their experiences to my own.
And if you want to skip part of class with me, uh, er, come…
It’s at 7 PM in Trinkle B6. There’s free snacks and stuff.

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