Confessions of a C++ Programmer (A Lucky Seven Project "Aside")

Most people are under the impression that linguists are always fluent in dozens of languages. Some of them actually are, but not all of us. I used to be very good with Latin back when it was my major, but I’ve recently started to stumble over words that I swear I knew when I was in 8th grade. I’ve sadly come to the conclusion that the old saying, “use it or lose it,” is too true.
I don’t really consider myself multilingual as far as natural languages go, but I know a good handful of programming languages. Right now, I’m working with C++. I love it, even when it gives me nasty errors. But just like Latin, my memory of Javascript (the first programming language I ever learned) has rapidly faded. I haven’t used it seriously in almost a year, and I’ve forgotten a lot of things. I actually think the last time I wrote a decent program with Javascript was over the summer, when I wrote the Lucky Seven game that you’re going to make over the next few weeks.
This project is going to be a great refresher for me because I’m going to have to dig out my knowledge of Javascript syntax from under the rules of C++. I’m having fun going through all of my old 110 notes to remember just how to do something (even things that aren’t going to be included in this project) and looking at all of the programs I wrote back then.
And you know what? I think I’ll read some Latin tonight.

(The second part of this project is coming soon. I’ve got it almost written, but it’s on one of my computers and I’m stuck in the Unix lab for the day. Fun fun.)

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