My Progress So Far…

Setting up my domain and creating my blog was rather uneventful. My biggest problem was actually forgetting my passwords. I use a different password for each element of my web presence (and everything else on the computer, which includes my two blog accounts, three or four other web sites that I maintain, four e-mail accounts (one for school, a “sacrifice” account, my personal account, and one for one of my web sites), a couple of forum accounts, my Facebook, and even a virtual pet site that I haven’t let go of), and I forget them constantly. I also had an issue with CIC “clipping” my long username a bit. I had to go back and check the confirmation e-mail that I received in order to resolve the problem. All in all, however, things went smoothly and I just referred to the instructions on the course page whenever I needed help.
I chose the domain name for two reasons. It’s part of the title of one of my blogs, and it also references my double major. As you may already know, I’m a Computer Science and Cognitive Science/Linguistics (At this point, my special major is almost certainly going to be called Cognitive Science, but it relies heavily on linguistics courses to fill the requirements. It also includes psychology classes, Latin, my favorite natural language and original reason I came to UMW, and CPSC 415, Artificial Intelligence.) major.  A “logophile” is a person who loves words. My high school Latin teacher called me “The Logophile” due to my passion for and apparently innate skill with morphology and grammar; it caught on with my friends, who swore that it meant “word nerd.” I was “The Logophile” throughout my high school years, and I remain one as I study language, one of our most fascinating capabilities.  As far as the “loopy” goes, I’m absolutely insane. Nah, I’m just kidding (maybe)… If you’ve ever dabbled in basic computer programming, chances are you’ve learned a thing or two about loops. Did you know that most programs spend about 90% of their execution time in loops? There’s your fun fact for the day. “Loopy” was the first computer science-y term I could thing of that started with an L and didn’t sound completely ridiculous, and loops are just so much fun anyway 🙂
I haven’t started to decorate my blog page yet, but I’m really excited to get started with that. I take pride in creating beautiful things with a computer, and this project will hopefully be no exception. I’ll continue to edit this post as I make progress.

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